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LANDT works in diverse economic contexts to design, set-up and manage CGFs and provide sophisticated TA to PFIs to enhance MSME access to finance, bolster private sector development, and drive sustainable economic growth.

LANDT is an international development finance company with offices in Berlin and advisors in different countries including Germany, Italy, Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria. LANDT strives to establish better lending opportunities through designing, setting-up and managing CGFs and offering TA and consultancy services to financial institutions and CGFs.

Design and management of CGFs

LANDT designs, implements and manages CGFs, which cover a share of the default risk of loans provided by PFIs to their borrowers. CGFs incentivize PFIs to mobilize underutilized capital so that they can provide more accessible financing for potential MSME borrowers.

Technical Assistance to CGFs

LANDT provides comprehensive and customized TA services to existing CGFs and their stakeholders. By encouraging innovation and supporting implementation, LANDT helps CGFs to improve the structures, policies and procedures necessary to achieve their objectives. This work ranges from carrying out a diagnosis of needs to building tailor-made solutions according to pre-identified requirements.

Consulting in development finance

LANDT offers a variety of consulting services related to private sector development in challenging economic contexts. While maintaining a focus on CGF-related topics, LANDT also undertakes an array of related assignments including feasibility studies, conceptual workshops, fundraising and evaluations.

Examples of LANDT's Track Record

Palestine, EPCGF – European-Palestinian Credit Guarantee Fund: 

LANDT created the successful technical proposal for bidding consultant company. In the first program, a successful technical proposal for development of EPCGF was prepared where the fund became independent in 2004. Later on, Palestinian Mortgage and Housing Corporation was introduced. Funded by the KfW Group.
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Tajikistan (Ongoing):

CGFT is a credit guarantee fund, implemented by LANDT. CGFT adapted the successful credit guarantee scheme of ACGF and has been operating since 2015. Based in Berlin Germany, with its local subsidiary TCSP in Dushanbe and Khujand, CGFT combines international best practice and local knowledge.
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Central America – Central American Bank for Economic Integration:

LANDT carried out a high-level review of a planned guarantee fund to update the operations manuals to ensure implementation consistent with international best practice and to provide recommendations on key credit guarantee design parameters. Funded by the European Union through the Latin American Investment Facility (LAIF).
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Morocco, CCG – Caisse Centrale des Garanties:

Diagnosis and scoping mission. Funded by IFC.
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Nigeria (Ongoing):

LANDT is a consultant agent in Nigeria for the design and development of Nigeria Credit Guarantee Fund for better MSME lending opportunities for the FIs and borrowers. LANDT’s international staff operating in various countries and carefully selected representatives in Nigeria are determined to establish a successfully operating Nigerian fund. Funded by the World Bank.
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Lebanon, ESFD – Economic & Social Fund for Development:

LANDT has supported strategic positioning of ESFD by introducing a CGF in which more than 10.000 MSME businesses have been financed. Funded by the European Union.
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Madagascar, Madagascar Financial Services Project:

LANDT led the team for scoping mission for the design of a CGF and TA facility. Funded by the World Bank.
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Yemen, Yemen Loan Guarantee (Ongoing):

The program in designing and implementing portfolio guarantees, based on prior market sounding in financial sector. Funded by the SANAD Fund for MSME via Finance in Motion.
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Egypt, CGC– Credit Guarantee Company Egypt (Ongoing):

Recently established cooperation between LANDT and CGC focuses on business analysis and processes assessments.
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Jordan, JLGC – Jordan Loan Guarantee Cooperation:

Diagnosis and scoping mission. Funded by IFC.
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Berlin, Germany:

With its headquarters in Berlin, LANDT has a close contact to its donors, investors and other international partners.
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Democratic Republic of Congo (Ongoing):

LANDT in consortium with IPC GmbH are conducting a feasibility study for KfW aimed at assessing the need and determining the preliminary design for the CGF in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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ACGF – Afghan Credit Guarantee Foundation:

ACGF, the sister project of CGFT, is headed by LANDT Management, who serve as board members.
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Moldova – Organization for Small and Medium Enterprise Sector Development (Ongoing):

Conducting comprehensive research and gap analysis to develop and implement a portfolio-based guarantee instrument to enhance efficiency, scale and outreach for the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprise Sector Development (ODIMM). Funded by Finance in Motion.
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Design of CFGs

Management of CFGs

Evaluation, Diagnosis & Support of CGFs


Feasibility Study

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LANDT’s Philosophy:

LANDT strives to achieve a sustainable impact in its host countries through its work empowering local MSMEs to create high-quality jobs, increase incomes and foster sustainable economic growth by:

Enabling progress in challenging environments:

LANDT nurtures growth of the financial sector in frontier, crisis and post-crisis markets by mobilizing DFIs and Donors’ funds effectively and sustainably. Working in some of the world’s most challenging contexts, LANDT is able to facilitate progress and prosperity.

Driving local impact through local presence:

The defining feature of LANDT’s approach is the combination of international best practice and local expertise. Whereby local experts ensure effective implementation through specific country knowledge, international experts provide the necessary supervision, coaching and ensure compliance with  best practices.

Sharing expertise with methods & tools:

LANDT develops methods, builds systems, and innovates processes which are scalable and transferable to other contexts. This work is done with careful consideration of the specific project environment and is fine-tuned accordingly.

“Our business is all about people: The staff in our lean head office who create and support our structures, the colleagues in our subsidiaries who work so hard to achieve business volume and ensure portfolio quality, the employees of the partner financial institutions who we closely cooperate with and train and, foremost, the business owners and their employees who are at the center of what we do: unlocking potential and facilitating growth, jobs and income. It gives me great joy to shape this work and see its impact.”
Bernd Leidner
Managing Partner

Path to Success

LANDT has a well-established method that leads it to success in challenging environments:


LANDT carefully analyzes the strengths, weaknesses and systemic challenges that affect a country’s MSME lending actors. It develops innovative and customized solutions that benefit PFIs, governments and the everyday people living and working in host markets.



Leveraging its reputation as a reliable partner, LANDT drives funding for its projects by identifying and vetting appropriate donors and investor institutions.

LANDT continuously seeks opportunities for further funding and collaboration to expand its activities pertaining to designing, setting-up and managing credit guarantee funds.



LANDT establishes partnerships with local and international financial institutions for its CGFs and TA projects to enhance MSME lending capacity.

LANDT itself is acknowledged as a reliable partner in the MSME finance sector due to its quick and uncomplicated payout mechanisms.



LANDT is committed to its ultimate goal of enhancing  MSME access to finance. With the right funding and assistance, these promising enterprises have the potential to create high-quality jobs, increase incomes and foster sustainable economic growth from the local level.



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